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Truetherm Thermal

We offer a comprehensive range of “Thermals” which are both functional and fashionable. The common link throughout this range is the industry recognised test method for Tog, British Standard 4745: 2005 Two Plate Method for Thermal Resistance which is undertaken on ALL TrueTherm Thermals. In addition to this we check our thermal production against BS4745 on a batch by batch basis to monitor consistency using our own internal TrueTherm Thermal test protocol.

We work closely with the technical teams at retailers to ensure their thermal rating meets the criteria of their consumer. A bespoke service if you like

Truetherm Technology

We collaborate with our customers to achieve thermal solutions. This can be a total “end to end” approach from raw material through to finished product or a more selective approach targeting unique “warmth” properties of speciality fibres, structures or finishes.

Truetherm Microwarmth

With the demands of fashion and lighter weight fabrics it is essential to maintain the integrity of warmth claims even if the fabrics cannot be measured to a defined Tog rating. Many lightweight fabrics offer comfort and warmth through their inherent fibre properties. We work closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure that any promotional claims to the consumer are delivered in an understandable and honest manner.

The changing and often competing requirements of fashion and function require evermore innovative ways to deliver a credible thermal message. TrueTherm are committed to delivering leading edge innovation whilst equally ensuring the retailer can support these claims.

Truetherm The Future
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